‘A New Era’ (2014)

A continuation of ‘No Future’ this album will bring you in to how emcees and myself are feeling today. I wrote, recorded, and mastered this 10 track album in late summer of 2014. Producing is handled by many beat magicians all around the world including myself. Cover painted by the infamous roast. This album means the goddamn world to me.

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Once a free download, this EP has been re-released through Giving Back Entertainment. All Proceeds go to charitable endeavors like winter clothes for children and the homeless.


  1. On Another Plane
  2. Believe In Tomorrow
  3. Full of Forties (Prod. by Oddioblender)
  4. Illest Kids Alive
  5. Im Still Hustlin
  6. In The Pyramids
  7. Mind Your Business
  8. No Breaks oN (Prod. by Inov8)
  9. Who We Were (Prod. by Oddioblender)
  10. World Screwed Up