‘As The Journey Unfolds’ Instrumental Electronic Album

I made this electronic album a long time ago, before I was even Bill Urfquaekz. It is instrumental and it tells a story of war.  A lot of these songs were some of the first music I fully produced myself on Ableton.


Download ‘Bill Urfquaekz – As The Journey Unfolds’


Below is the first song on the album:


As The Journey Unfolds Track Listing:

  • 01 A Great Opportunity
  • 02 Training Begins
  • 03 The Calm Before The Storm
  • 04 Unit Deployment
  • 05 Approaching Enemy Territory
  • 06 The Invasion Begins
  • 07 Ride Out (No Future Part 3)
  • 08 A Field of Corpses
  • 09 The War is Never Over