Bridges Burning Increasingly Accelerating

Bridges Burning Increasingly Accelerating
Exuberantly Exhilarating,
Whimsically Demonstrated;
Perfectly Executed.
Wonderfully Generated.
Worldly Persecution.
Firmament Through-Put
Eternally Useless
Wrongfully Accepted
Trajectory Reckless
Mathematically Corrected
Scientific Dissection
The Path is For Pestilence
We’ve Forgotten the Message
Personal Betterment
Marvelous Present-Tense
Sculpted With-Out Hesitance
Mother Fuck a Pessimist
Opinion with No Relevance
Valley of Desolate
Enemy’s Decimate
Afraid of Free Speech
Terrified of Free Thought
Let Us Not, Forget of the Lost
The Mentors We Loved and Idolized
Erased by the Nameless