Buildin My Empire One Brick at a Time

Buildin my empire
One brick at a time
Thousand years in the making
I’m seein the signs
Seein the symbols
Why the fuck all you be hatin?
I’m feelin the vibes
Hearin the wind blow
Keepin my spirit in tempo
Dead or Alive
I’m here for you now
I hope you be hearin this, kinfolk
I’m clearin the MO
Hand you the memo
I know we can do this
My hand on the metal
I’m feelin unsettled
Son, you a liar
Cut you off like Gipetto
I’m feelin inspired
Wheels movin forward
Never back peddle
It would take years just to get on my level
Into the fires
God by my side
But paid up in full
This ain’t a rental
I’ma be fine, reconstructed the mental
I’ma do this for the kids in the ghetto
Wherever the pain is
Never go brainless
Give em new highs
Never low like the treble
Still I’m a rebel with revolution
Gotta fix problems and find the solutions
Quit with this shit
Stop the Pollution
Let’s just get to it
What are you doin?