Craft Master

Craft master
Turn heads backwards
The math blaster
Cash grabber
The All haver
Mad cadaver
Gyal smasher
Fast Dasher
Long laster
World crasher
Flag captured
Blast at ya
Can’t catch up
Y’all plastered
I’m not lackin
No small stature
Raw rapper
God’s pastor
Real speaker
Star traveler
Far as nasa
All passionate
Re cord masterin
Corpse trashin it
High status shit
Fly transportin
Flow damagin
flows famishin
I brought water
Where you standin in
landin then
Dont pretend
Going off again
It’s all in wind
I fought for this
Lost again
Now start the trends
No doe to lend
The motion set
Some potent spit
Fill oceans in
Blow dro and endo
Know the end
You broke again
Then built a tower
My soul convict
It’s over with