“Da Sessions” Pt 1

Brand New Mixtape from the Open Mind Initiative. Including writtens, freestyles, and features by AJ Southpaw, Nunda P, Cesar Tha Great, Raja, Plaga, Rocket, and the infamous T Spoonz


Download ‘Da Sessions Pt 1’

  1. INTRO
  2. 2 Many Hoes (Freestyle)- Plaga
  3. Best Rapper In Haslett- Big Sherm
  4. Creation Level Density (Freestyle)- David and T
  5. Fuck 16 I Make It Hot (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  6. Ill See You When The Songs Done (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  7. Its All Over (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  8. Its Goin Down- Raja
  9. Joes Birthday Track- Plaga and Rocket
  10. Just Juice It- Big Sherm and AJ Southpaw
  11. Last Dayz Redux- Big Sherm and Raja
  12. Smooth As Us (Freestyle)- Big Sherm, AJ Southpaw, Nunda P, Raja, T Spoonz
  13. This Reefer- Cesar Tha Great, AJ Southpaw, Big Sherm
  14. Two Pimps 1 Mic- Big Sherm and Raja
  15. Yeah Ho (Freestyle)- Big Sherm