“Da Sessions” Pt 2

More releases from the past month of cyphers and recordings

Download “Da Sessions” Part 2 only at BIGSHERM.NET!


  1. Ballin (Freestyle)- Big Sherm, AJ Southpaw, T Spoonz
  2. Chakras and Syrup- Big Sherm
  3. Food On The Table- Big Sherm
  4. If U Bust At Me (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  5. Lemonade (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  6. Malt Liquor (Freestyle)- Rocket and Plaga
  7. No Evidence (Anonymous)- Big Sherm
  8. Peepin In My Window (Freestyle)- Big Sherm, AJ Southpaw, Raja, T Spoonz
  9. RhYme S0nG- Big Sherm
  10. Second 2 None (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  11. Sittin Sidewayz- Big Sherm, AJ Southpaw, T Spoonz, Ed Tha Great
  12. This That Motha Fuckin (Freestyle)- Plaga
  13. WATCH OUT- Big Sherm


And heres a really fucking out of order youtube playlist of it! your welcome 😉