‘Da Sessions’ Pt 3

Here it is, the brand new Da Sessions cd. Featuring a plethora of freestyles and writtens from ya boy and the crew. These tapes are very slice in the life, we hope you enjoy it and it gives you some insight into our lives as artists. Thank you for checking it out!

Download ‘Da Sessions’ Pt 3

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Also here are the individual mp3s

  1. Cesar Tha Great Freestyles at Michigans Coldest (Big Sherm on the Cuts)
  2. Forgive Me (Who Can I Trust)- Big Sherm
  3. Here We Are (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  4. I Can Rap Sometimes (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  5. Im Good (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  6. Keep Creating- Big Sherm
  7. Let Em Know (Freestyle)- Big Sherm
  8. Maybe Rappers Think- Big Sherm
  9. Motivation- Big Sherm
  10. Pass Me Tha Juicer- Big Sherm
  11. Proceeds (Freestyle)- Plaga and Rocket
  12. Prove Nothin- Big Sherm (Produced By Big Sherm)
  13. That New Shit (Freestyle)- Big Sherm, T Spoonz, Snap Johnson
  14. The Beauty and Power of Words- Raja ft AJ Southpaw
  15. Unleashed (Freestyle)- Big Sherm