Everything Said From the Center of My Heart

Everything said
From the center of my heart
Fuck what you said
You better play your part
They think he a genius
Cuz his rhymes are too smart
My clicq is the meanest
The whole team full of sharks

Watch how he do it
No one else can compare
Step in the room
Hoes stop and they stare
Clean every day
Like I’m washing my hair
Tell the truth you a lose
You too Wouldn’t dare

Play out my life
My music eternal
Every day stay writing
My life in a journal
Got so many
Jump you like a hurdle
Live life fast
Can’t crawl like a turtle

All I do is ball
Making shots on the score board
They sit at home all alone
Looking for more
Flows keep drippin this is
Chinese water torture
I got the stuff you can’t get rid of
Like hoarders