Fluid Rhythms, Grand Inscisions

Fluid rhythms
Grand incisions
Gotta get em
I’m in prison
Feel the schism
Part of livin.
Hard decision.
Part dimensions.
On par to finish.
Brought Bars to
In charge of biness
Circle like a hawk
Tear your frame apart
Love it for the art
Did it since the start
Purple make me cough
Lurking for the raw
Jus Forget what you saw
Give Fuck about you all
Knoww this shit here my call
No I can not stall
Never going to fall
Gotta Crawl before you ball
Bow before the god
Disobey the law
Discolate her jaw
Talking with a drawl
You ain’t got the gall
Gunning down the hall
Did it for the lulz
This is how we are