‘Fresh as Fuck’ Mixtape

Wrote, recorded, and mastered in less than 5 hours while I was on vacation. Basically while I was in Vegas I got a wild hair in me to write a song, then I decided to go ahead and make one song every day for 5 days, recording on my laptop microphone. If you are looking for something different – you’re in the wrong place. And yo, I know some people could see the time I spent and brush it off but I think this mixtape proves that I’m doin this. Some of these verses are super hot and I would write 3 in like 30 minutes so fuck you, really. This my Lil Wayne shit lolol

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‘Its Complex’

‘Its Complex’ Juiced

  • ‘Its Complex’
  • ‘Its Complex’ Juiced
  • ‘Do Work’
  • ‘Do Work’ Juiced
  • ‘Gotta Be G’
  • ‘Gotta Be G’ Juiced
  • ‘I Am Home’
  • ‘I Am Home’ Juiced
  • ‘Im The Truth’
  • ‘Im The Truth’ Juiced