Garnished Wages. God Will Save Us.

Garnished Wages. God Will Save Us.
“But All I Pray to be is Famous”
Money doesn’t grow on trees
and I just don’t know how to breathe.
I’ve all but seen blood on the leaves.
The way we think, Caught a Disease.
We cannot seem to seek the breeze
and find the tide to float to sea.
It’s choking me, I feel the noose.
We’re trapped down here and born to lose.
you got the juice, like it or not.
Pave the way, It’s a lot.
Growing Tensions. No Ascension.
’47, Nothing since then.
Fuck the free world, Where’s it hidden?
REED the future. It was written.
The cost of glimpses, caught indifferent.
Part of me wishes for interest.
Bail out banks and give them nations.
No red tape or lasting sanctions.