‘LAN Party’ 2006

Man this goes back to ’05.. This was when I started rapping and recording and was really into Nerdcore Hip Hop. Nerd Life Word Life. It’s crazy now to see that some of those guys in the community have been on Billboard and are still touring to this day, playin the convention scene.

About the project- It’s in mixtape format, using classic instrumentals and a few mash ups I did when I was getting more serious about showing people my music. The whole thing basically all about video games. They say rap about what you know.. and thats what it was. The story is all there.

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LAN Party Track Listing:


  • 00 Revolution (intro).mp3
  • 02 Ready Steady Peaches!.mp3
  • 03 LAN Party (skit).mp3
  • 04 A Mission for the Swarm.mp3
  • 05 Everyone Knows (screwed up remix).mp3
  • 06 Galaga.mp3
  • 07 Halo Noobs (skit).mp3
  • 08 J.O.A.T..mp3
  • 09 View Source (ytcracker cover).mp3
  • 10 Sweet Sweet Vibrations.mp3
  • 11 Dream’s Past (chu chu rawkit mix).mp3
  • 12 Lord of Destruction.mp3
  • 13 SWG Rap (skit).mp3
  • 14 Digital Pimp (outro).mp3