‘LAN Party’ aka My First Album 2006

Man this goes waaay back to like 05.. This was when I started rapping and recording as enerbrat and was really into Nerdcore Hip Hop. lol Nerd Life Word Life

It’s in mixtape format, using classic instrumentals and includes quite a few mash ups that I did and is basically all about video games and LAN Parties. They say rap about what you know..

Download ‘LAN Party’ by enerbrat





LAN Party Track Listing:


  • 00 Revolution (intro).mp3
  • 02 Ready Steady Peaches!.mp3
  • 03 LAN Party (skit).mp3
  • 04 A Mission for the Swarm.mp3
  • 05 Everyone Knows (screwed up remix).mp3
  • 06 Galaga.mp3
  • 07 Halo Noobs (skit).mp3
  • 08 J.O.A.T..mp3
  • 09 View Source (ytcracker cover).mp3
  • 10 Sweet Sweet Vibrations.mp3
  • 11 Dream’s Past (chu chu rawkit mix).mp3
  • 12 Lord of Destruction.mp3
  • 13 SWG Rap (skit).mp3
  • 14 Digital Pimp (outro).mp3