Life is Pain, Im Deranged

Life is Pain and I’m Deranged
Walk Through Hell, Burst into Flames
I Can Rap on Anything, Let me go and try some things..

Life is Pain and Payments Made
We’re Charged a Fee to Lay in Graves
Who care’s about the time it takes
and all the precious minds at waste.
Nothing’s changed, is this the future?
Who’s the winner? Who’s the Loser?
Who’s the movers? Who’s the shakers?
Who are the people we’re making famous?
“Pray now to the undertakers.”
“Give it all up for some paper.”
Why do other people hate us?
The ups and downs and different phases.
A Generation Lost in Trance
Subdued so well, “Let’s Smile and Dance!”
Isolation Quiets Chants
Ritualistic, Dying Ants