Lost in Transit

Lost in transit
Run cards like Gambit
Feel my soul is famished
Life hard as granite
Load the cannon
Until your growth demanded
Smoke and pass it
Stole like bandits
Hope your show is massive
Like a camera snappin
don’t get stranded
Known and branded
Soak up wisdom damnit
How long I’ve lasted
Must be cursed to passion
War get drafted
How you manage
Decides your date on planet
How you plan it fixates the maze that’s granted
It’s a challenge
But keep faith
Stay classic
Be elastic
And be water
In a bowl or cup
Not static
Dreams is all we grabbin
Called to land it
Flying high in spaceships crash it
Sick asmatic
The chakra in my throat
Is Savage
Rich is lavish
Cut the baggage
Relax for life is laughin
I’m not braggin
I want to open passage
Seek the truth
And stash it
Naw I want to write a classic
Share the knowledge accessed