‘No Future’ EP

No Future
No Future

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Once a free download, this EP has been re-released through Giving Back Entertainment. All Proceeds go to charitable endeavors like winter clothes for children and the homeless.
Below I have listed the single ‘Stop Me’ available for streaming. Check it out!



No Future Track Listing:

  • 01 This That (No Future Part 1)
  • 02 Move Up
  • 03 Had Enough
  • 04 Get Wild (No Future Part 2)
  • 05 Ask Around
  • 06 The Life
  • 07 Ride Out (No Future Part 3)
  • 08 Let’s Ride
  • 09 Get That
  • 10 Stay Faded
  • 11 Stop Me (No Future Part 4)


Thank you for checking out my website and music. I’d like to make it clear that I produced the music, wrote and recorded all the rap, mastered and published, all of the music and content of this website. I ask for no money, I do this simply because it is important to me. “No Future” is my first solo rap album, not including the original “Bayonne Ave” tape. I hope you enjoy this music I have made; Peace – big sherm