Gots ta make it
Keep it Flagrant
While I Take vacations
Nothing’s waiting
One the greatest
Unplug from the matrix
Data sets contagious
I’m impatient
Global domination
Drop the fake shit
Inner mind is changing
Got no time for waistin
Top for placement
Stop the hatred
I’m not to be forsaken
Whole wide world awaken
Defense is make shift
Tribulations vanquished
Y’all ain’t really sayin shit
Smoke the dankest
See the Fires blazin
All this is so basic
Rap is tainted
Freedom fighting- Flank it
See Dem biterz ate this
Always sanctioned
Pull up then you weigh in
Eye is perfect Lasik
Talents wasted
Crimes investigated
thoughts are sacred
So I caint miss
Cash I has to chase it