Real Smoker

Real smoker
Weed grower
Mo doper
Stay lower
Show poster
Y’all poser
blow doja
Flow hova
Go slower
No hold up
No show ups
Po mo up
U gon get stuck
rollin up big blunts
You a bitch front
I gets big love
This shit gets done
I just live once
Get undone
It’s much fun
So go run
The show done
My lone some
Quick notion
Smooth lotion
float coastin
Sherm goes in
Gold woken
soul spoken
Yo’s erodin
Lansing coldest
I’m boldest
Rhyme potent
Mind dosage
Mass exposha
Had to roll up
Act so nuts
Last fo months
cash goes up
Am grown up
man so tough
Fam show nuff
Bland old fucks
Slam ova
Tap sonar
Good plan so far
Pandoruhs jar
Go ham hard
Can’t keep my
Damn phone charged
Big sherm smart
I love art