Really Wanna Make a Difference While I’m Livin

I really wanna make a difference while I’m livin.
It’s a given, I’ve been working over time just tryna finish.
See a vision, Get a visit, This is worth it. Don’t be timid.
This is prison till I break out. Could you picture if I didn’t?
Am I missin somethin simple?
This is love, I should be gentle.
Goin harder than I started, guess this stardom is a riddle.
Saw it fizzle when I parted with the art, just for a little.
Now I’m caught up in the middle.
Heart to hard for me to chizzle.
It’s a missle, just don’t blow it; Only focus on the moment.
The trick is growing and retaining what you soak up in your training.
And maintaining, plus directing everything you’ve been neglecting.
Know respecting of the elders helps you be what you’re perfecting.
Just go in.