Secret Travels 4

The previously unreleased Secret Travels 4.

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secret-travels-4-coverTrack Listing:

  • drumbreaker1
  • fuckin outta here
  • hate my steel
  • i can fux with this
  • i know imright
  • in the love
  • instoppable
  • perio megusta
  • way better than expected
  • way too cold

More About the Release:

This tape was made in 2016 I believe. It was all created using a lite / trial version of Ableton which limited me to 8 tracks, 8 scenes, and did not have the functionality to chop samples as I normally would.

These restrictions led to these beats which are warped and altered samples and loops limited to 8 tracks, with no chopping. This severely restricted my normal methodology and was a great experience.

I did not release this at the time because I didn’t want anyone to think this was the extent of my beatmaking skills lol. It was the program! Blame it on the System!!

I found the compilation and cover in it’s entirety this morning before I went to work 🙂