Secret Travels 6 (Deep Cutz)

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01 stop him nooo
02 sample demo
03 who am i
04 juicy beloved
05 who are you
06 no more saves
07 stealing gfs
08 stupid dope shit
09 happy go fckyourself
10 i AM jazz
11 for heavens sake
12 jazzy bitches
13 lost in spaice
14 love corner
15 more soul baby
16 tell me where
17 stupid dummy


These songs were made by chopping up samples from my archives and playing them straight through in a unique way.
No drums added or loops. Most of the songs have a single track of samples but a few cuts have 2-4 tracks of me playing through + EQing and compression. I didn’t want to ruin their essence by turning them into “complete” songs just yet.. because I really like them just the way they are.


I encourage remixing of this project. Please put Big Sherm Remix or something giving me credit. It’s the least you could do for the free inspiration 😉 I’ll retweet it @bigggsherm

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