Splitting Tangents

Splitting tangents
Ransom demanded
Wanna imagine
Godt a challenge
Godt enchanted
Caught in transit
Heart is planted
Stardom branchin
Mark advantage
Mars a vantage
Martyr Savage
Parted balance
Starved for answers
Hardened when i calmed my center
Sought adventure
Carved a splintern your mind
then charge to enter
Business ventures
There just is no measure
Work and pleasure
Signed the ledger
We stuck in a desert
Thirst unquenchable
By the time we find a treasure
Trend setter
No better
Go and pull the lever
Fuck your agenda
Sit and Watching emcees tense up
This is dense stuff
No we’ll never let up
Do not try and catch up
This ain’t een the best of
God I’m feeling blessed up
Move on to the next fuck
Bitches never stress us
Got their head so messed up
They Fallin for a setup
Forgin every header

Two things all I really need
I need god and a whole lot of weed
Two things is all that I got
My main man jah
And a whole lot of pot