When I’m Gone (with Lyrics)

Big Sherm – When I’m Gone (Prod. by DreamLife)

you dont need to cry for too long
please just hold your head up
and keep strong

see at least youll have this last song

when i leave here
Please dont cry for me dear
Well all be fine
it’ll be divine
i can see it clear
im lookin in the mirror
into your eyes, i shed a tear
how i got this way
ill never know but ghosts appear

so i persevere
Adherein to my deepest wishes
and after all these years austere
(i still) cant believe we did this
shiftin into gear
theres no-one near to hold me back
i gave up everything i had
To go put down these raps

but thats life
no if or ands, but yup im bout it
its time to get it right
Live your life and dont be doubted
we’ll move a mountain
when we work together we’re empowered
foundation solid
takes a village of us buildin houses

to get up out this
i changed up now i live for you
used to do forself
but now i wanna see this through
and im livin proof
you can do it believe its true
shootin for the moon
ill save us room a seat for two

but while im still here
Lets all be grinnin ear to ear
one moment youre around
then suddenly you dissappear

You didnt wanna listen
till you saw it now you hear
standin at the ocean
overlooking flows from peirs

i wanna smell the flowers
while i can so give em to me
you can smell em too
nothin has to be confusing

i told myself that i need to write
something real
not just punchlines
But give me somethin i can feel

and its truly another chance

for rebuilding
who knew helping others
get a plate could be this filling

god willing
if there is something here to save and heal me
then ill share with you
Everything that ive been feeling

but the clock is ticking
now we know we need each other
let us come together
all my sisters and my brothers

i know we busy
but we’re making room for whats important
the hardest part of life
Is getting stuck And feeling dormant

if our time is running out
just know i love you
if something were to happen
know im looking down above you

just to keep you safe
im open arms, you need a hug?
its the little things
that keep me sane and off of juug / drugs

its been a good run
now i wanna walk the trail slow
We’re moving too fast
Lets go back home and we can lay low

As we wear our halos
promise you i have your back now
im embracing life
ill keep my chest up
never back down

oh how that sound
theyll probably think im weak because this
Goin off the path now
open heart
i Lost my muchness

I used to want it all
but how when ive been givin zip
never made the calls
i need to so im hearin click

too much of it, to much runnin
will never leave you happy
But not enough of love
Bound to kill you
I know it seems sappy

But i’ll gladly….
Give up everything for us
Once more chance
To make you laugh
I know its not enough

When I'm Gone