YO! Big Sherm RAPS

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01. Everydays Wonderful
02. The Cycle (Earths Orbit)
03. Emcee Paradise ft AJ Southpaw
04. I Goto Work [Prod by Tha Studio Addiktz]
05. Try New Things
06. Haunted House (SCARY)
07. Enter The Darkness
08. Stick To Tha Format
09. Make The Memories
10. Get Ya Hands Up (If You Do The Scientist)
11. Let Me Bring It Down
12. Money Makin Record Breakin ft AJ Southpaw
13. You Aint A Rapper
14. Summertime Song
15. Ice Cream (Delicious)
16. During The Day (What You Do)
17. What A Job Song
18. I Stick 2 It (This Is How I Do It)
19. Who Are You (Samuraiz)
20. Roll Slow (SMOKE)
21. My Flow Sick
22. Find Another Way