About Big Sherm

Beginning with an interest in DJing & Hip Hop culture, legendary music artist, Big Sherm, has grown to cover elements as an MC, producer, DJ, engineer and executive producer with over 15 years in the game.


With over 31 mixtapes and projects as a rapper, Big Sherm has fine-tuned his approach, yet remains very experimental with sounds, themes, and delivery. Opening for Hip Hop classics such as Kuniva, Crooked I, One Be Lo, and Kool Keith, Sherm has cemented himself, locally and globally, as a force to be reckoned with on the mic, appreciated by all generations.

Three major released compromise Big Sherm’s sound as a rapper: NO FUTURE trilogy, EGODEATH trilogy, and The Hero’s Journey quadrilogy, with other supporting projects along the way including YO! Big Sherm Raps!, Big Sherm Ain’t Shit, Mixtape & Chill, For The People, and 12 group compilations recorded at the DOPE4EVA estate. Encompassing both the classic Hip Hop sound, as well as navigating newer and unknown territories, Big Sherm proves his unique ability to work with every style and forge new foundations for future generations.


Big Sherm’s dedication to music does not stop on the microphone. As a Hip Hop producer, Sherm has released 12 beat tapes under the series name Secret Travels. Compromised primarily with samples, flips, and chops, an eerie/mystical vibe is present throughout each project, giving any emcee instant inspiration to spit the heaviest bars they can come up with.

As well as sample-based work, Big Sherm has spent the past several years refining his ability to create completely original works with no samples, loops, or packs. These years of unique sounds have shown his reach between genres and styles to create a sound that resonates with the listener. Beyond Hip Hop, electronic and house music have always had a base behind the sound.


Beginning with a love of electronic and DJing, Big Sherm has spent over 10 years behind the 1’s and 2’s, starting first as a vinyl DJ and eventually adding digital interfaces and mixers into the mix. With a foundation of funky house and deep house, Big Sherm’s mixes keep the crowd having fun and dancing the whole way through.

After years of playing vinyl and digital sets for house and electronic fans at venues, events, radio shows, and house parties, Sherm was invited to be a resident DJ of Mac’s Bar’s infamous weekly event, Funk Night. As a primary foundation of music surrounding the week’s guest band, Big Sherm seamlessly played everything from funk, and instrumental Hip Hop, to Mo-Town, disco, and reggae.


Working for auditoriums, events, festivals, and music venues as a live sound engineer has given Big Sherm a clear advantage over many performing artists. Mixing live audio for many big shows of all genres has given him the ability to see hundreds of artists and make them sound their best.

Having recorded and mastered most of his catalog, Big Sherm is often found behind the boards, recording and mixing down rappers of DOPE4EVA (D4E) and Giving Back Entertainment (GBE).