Neva fold

Neva fold
Need a big booty Centerfold

My star power like 10 or mo
All im sayin is forever glowed

In my army im the General.

im just sayin in general..


Set backs

I couldn’t understand the set backs
That I faced
I played the game like I was sposed to
With no brakes

Except for these
Please I knew that I would take first place

But I was tired of being great
I wanted to be sane

I need smtn to shake


God Heem

Im not shy bitch

im a King.

Shirt clean.
You can’t talk to me.

The things you do don’t impress me,
Yes im heem
And I see all my blessings.

No messing with me 🤷‍♂️👑


Could Be

I could be a player
I could be the mayor
I could only talk about me
But that isn’t fair

You wanna reach across the river
Then you pay your fare
2 pennies on your eyes
When you sit in the chair