Rap Star 3 (Digital Download)

26 Jun




Download Rap Star 3 directly to your phone or computer! For only $5!

Purchasing anything from my website is the best way to support me as an artist! Comparably, you would have to stream my album hundreds of times for the equivalent.

I want to say thank you for all the support over the years from my friends and peers. Every project is a different experience and a different outcome and this one feels very special and unique. I hope that this finds you well and gives you motivation and relaxation when you need it. I hope to see you all at shows and events and online, so that we may keep spreading this love of music and culture and healing, eternally.

1. No Slippin’ [Prod. by Amnesia x Beats]
2. Recognize [Prod. by Binsu]
3. I Just Got Paid [Prod. by Broken Keyz]
4. Non-Stop G.A.M.E. [Prod. by Ninety8]
5. I’m On Go [Prod. by Binsu]
6. Like Me [Prod. by Supah Sonic]
7. The Count [Prod. by Binsu]