The Hero’s Journey Quadrilogy (Digital Download)

30 Dec




Digital Download of the The Hero’s Journey Quadrilogy.

Included are the projects:

APOTHEOSIS (2019) – 5 Songs
Rap Star Part 1: PRIMA MATERIA (2019) – 11 Songs
Rap Star Part 2: The Last Emcee (2020) – 21 Songs
Return Of The King (2021) – 19 Songs

This is a collection of very special projects. The first two were created (somewhat unintentionally) during a time where I was reflecting on my role in music and needed to prove to myself that I still could create like I used to. The Last Emcee was created in a few weeks over exclusively my production, while Return of the King was carefully curated over many many months and re-built out of a few different ideas.